Lot 12: GCF Dora - $2,750

Reg: 56053   Color: Yellow  DOB: 4/18/2015

Sire: LEA Detroit (D)         Dam: BCM Lisa

A two for one package, this two-year-old looker comes bred to CBS Jamison (Reg:53213).  She is ultrasound confirmed pregnant to CBS Jamison (April - June exposed).  A great-grand daughter of Sunset Rebel Yell and filled with LEA White genetics and other out-cross genetics, this heifer is sure to be a great cow.

Lot 17: SLC Gail's Gigi - $700

Reg: Unregistered/Grade  Color: Dun  DOB:  2/8/16

Sire:Schön Boden's Yuma (D)      Dam: SLC Gail

This Dun heifer comes from a long line of great Schön Boden genetics on its Sire's side.  Her dam is a good cow.  This heifer will make a good brood cow for any size herd.

Lot 6: CGH Princess Morgan - $2,100

Reg: 54261    Color: Red  DOB:  6/24/14

Sire: Triple M's Bolt    Dam: CGH Princess Maggy

A two for one special as Princess Morgan is due to calve in December 2017.  She is confirmed pregnant to Schon Boden's Omar (55951).  This first calf heifer will make an outstanding addition to anyone's beef operation.  She also brings exceptional genetics from Cobblestone, Schön Boden, Praire Grass Hill and others.

For 2018, we currently have entries for the following farms: Cedar Ridge Farm, Climbing Stump Farm, Cobblestone Farm, Creachann Gleann, Four T Acres, Grace Canyon, Husker Show Cattle, Last Chance Ranch, Little Partridge Farm, Sandhill Pines Farm, Schon Boden, Spring Flight Farm, Spring Mountain Farm, U Rock Ranch, Windermere Farm and Windland Flats. 

Entries will start to appear April 1, 2018 with photos starting around May 1, 2018.

Lot 16: CGH Ebony - $700

Reg: 55442     Color: Black  DOB:  7/25/15

Sire: CGH Laird Macbeth (D)     Dam: CGH Fionna

Approaching 2 years of age, Ebony will be ready to breed and add some new genetics to your fold.  Her pedigree features great cattle families like Kiyiwana, Du Boise, Broadstone, GOF and more.  Creachann Gleann is all over this heifer's pedigree, showing the long-term commitment of this outstanding fold.

Lot 1: Cobblestone's Lara - $3,850

Reg: 48292   Color: Red  DOB:  3/28/09

Sire: Sunset Limited Edition (D)   Dam: U Rock Lady Larissa

CBS Lauren

Reg: 56497   Color: Red  DOB:  3/22/17

Sire: Gray Owl Bearach (D)  Dam: Cobblestone's Lara

Two females for one money is a great way to jump start your Highland genetics.  Lara is an exceptional cow.  She is very clean in her design and structure, which she easily passes on to her offspring.  Lara calves with ease and has consistently bred back to calve in March/April.   Lara's pedigree boasts some of the top Canadian genetics and also features a very powerful Schön Boden female. She is pasture exposed to Gray Owl Bearach ( 3/22-4/28) and Finley Falls Liam (5/1 - sale date).  Lara sells with an exceptional 2017 heifer calf, already showing great dimension and structure.  Lara has a sweet temperament and is halter broke.

Lot 9: LEA Liza - $2,000

Reg: 54427   Color: Red  DOB: 3/30/2015

Sire: LEA Haaken (D)         Dam: LEA Haven

LEA Liza has only been off the farm one time when she was shown and the St. Joseph County Grange Fair in September of 2015 with her Dam.  The pair were awarded the Grand Champion Cow/Calf and Liza won her class and her division (Junior Heifer).  She went on to win the Junior Champion female of the Fair against all 2014 and 2015 heifer.  Liza had the highest weaning weight (502 lbs.) among all the 2015 heifer calves on our farm.  She has been on grass alone since 2016 and continues to excel in gain and growth.  She is naturally thick, wide and deep, but is also an easy fleshing, easy keeping heifer.  Liza will make an incredible brood cow and sells open.

2017 Consigned Cattle

Lot 42: Five (5) Semen Straws of SBH Jock of Springbrook (39451) - $375

Reg: 39451  Color: Brindle   DOB: 3/1/2003
Sire: Jock of Dundonald (D)   Dam: Wild Rose Josie

SBH Jock of Springbrook is a hard to find gem in the Highland breed.

With limited semen available, this a rare opportunity to bring these genetics to your herd.  Jock was the sire of the top bull test bull, Black Watch Cody, at the Central Highland Bull Test in 2008 who also sold for $12000.00.  Jock is a well built, very muscular brindle bull.                                                                      

Lot 24: Argyll's Pride $1,300

Reg: 56341                              Color: Black     DOB: 4/12/2015 

Sire: Heather's Brayden (D)                   Dam:  CBS Autumn

This structurally correct black heifer is ready to work in your operation.  She has been 100% grassfed her entire life and is a great demonstration of Highland grassfed beef.   Her background includes well-known farms like Cobblestone, LEA-White, and Drover Hill with several other diverse genetic offerings as well. 

Lot 29: CGH Jeremiah (D) - $600

Reg: 56296   Color: Yellow DOB: 3/25/2016

Sire: We Tired Darrel (D)   Dam: CGH Trinity

This yellow bull has a promising future in front of him.  Invest now in your cow herd with a structurally correct, stout bull with good size and muscling for his age.  In addition to the history of great genetics from Creachann Gleann, this bull has a who's who list of traditional Highland breeding, but also several notable outcross animals. 

Lot 18: Almosta Farms Willow - $1,000

Reg: Sovereign Highland Cross - S12  Color: Black   DOB: 03/12/2016

Sire: Skye High Koal (D)              Dam:  Shorthorn Composite Female

Are you looking to diversify your breeding program?  Willow is your gal!  She can do it all for your farm.  With her her disposition and confirmation, she would make a great junior project, carry an embryo or raise cross-bred calves.  A producer gets the best of both breeds with this Sovereign combination.  She is an offspring of Almosta Farm's Winnie, a Shorthorn composite female and Skye High Koal (D), a black Highland bull.  This genetic makeup has consistently produced quality calves that will surely pass onto your program.

Lot 2: FTA Tiny's Bubbles - $2,850

Reg: 50371  Color: Silver  DOB:  4/4/11

Sire: CID's Claymore (D)   Dam: Fern's Tiny

A 100% grassfed duo for one money.  Bubbles is a hard to find Silver color and showcases a dandy 2017 Dun bull calf, Fred, who sells unregistered.  He should make a great steer.  Jumpstart your herd with these two great animals filled with great genetics in the background. 

Lot 3: CBS Yaz's Yukon Jill - $4,100

Reg: 52250  Color: Red  DOB:  4/22/13

Sire: HSC Rebel's Jack (D)   Dam: Cobblestone's Yazmine

Jill is a sturdy built female, powerful in her design.  Like her well-known full brother, CBS Yaz's Yukon Jack, Jill was extensively shown, doing well in the ring.  She is halter broke with a gentle disposition.  An exceptional mother, Jill is due to calve in September and is bred to Gray Owl's Bearach.  Jill had a 61 lb. bull calf with no calving assistance last fall with a weaning weight of 506 lbs. - all as a first-calf heifer.  Jill's sire, HSC Rebel's Jack is a son of the well-known Sunset Rebel Yell and features other well known farms, including LEA and Ledyard.

Lot 11: Snowland G. Amber - $3,200

Reg: 54512      Color: White  DOB: 4/17/2015

Sire: CBS Gradee (D)         Dam: Shat Acres Vanessa 10

A soft white hair heifer, whose Dam, Shat Acres Vanessa 10, produced Snowland First Lady, which is a proven class winner in 2015 & 2016.  Her sire, CBS Gradee, is a powerful bull from the productive Cobbelstone genetics.  This gentle, inquisitive, halter broke heifer will be selling open. 

Lot 26: CSF Halvdan the Black (D) - $3,600

Reg: 55314   Color: Black  DOB: 5/02/2015

Sire: Flathead Glen Moray (D)   Dam: Gray Owls Brianna

Halvdan is a correct, long bodied, well-mannered two year old bull sired by Flatheads Glen Moray, a top notch Montana bred bull noted for his exceptional performance on grass. Glen is the sire of the outstanding young bull, LEA Heremon and many fine LEA females. On the dam side, Halvdan is the first calf out of Gray Owl’s Brianna, a maternal half-sister to Gray Owl’s champion bull, Bearach. Further back in his pedigree you will find the names of Glen Haven, Trafalgar, Drover Hill, Reiman, Glen Osprey,
LEA White and Schon Boden. Halvdan’s adjusted weaning weight on pasture and milk was 518 lbs. On April 24, just shy of two years old, he weighed 1291 lbs.

2018 Consigned Cattle


Lot 7: SHP Sydney - $3,200

Reg: 53805     Color: Black  DOB: 4/10/2014

Sire: Sandhill Seth (D)         Dam: Sandhill Sundara

SHP Sydney is one of the top-indexing heifers we have had at Sanhill Pines Farm.  Her Dam Sandhill Sundara is a tremdously productive cow and continues to have calves earlier every spring than the year before, showing her reproductive excellence.  Her sire, Sandhill Seth was the 2011 NCHCA Show Junior Bull Calf Champion.  If it's a great productive brood cow you want, who is ready to breed now, here is the heifer for you.  Sydney was bred to Trafagar Sampson II on May 30.

Lot 14: Gray Owl's Sheila - $2,750

Reg: 55430       Color: Red  DOB: 5/23/2015

Sire: GH Mr. Chips (D)         Dam: JAR Dandeloin

If a solid future brood cow is what you are looking for, look no farther.  Shelia is a powerful red 2-year-old heifer who is mature and growth for her age.  She brings with her the reputation of East Coast genetics, including Glenn Haven, Trafalgar and more.  Coupled with the hard to find JAR genetics, this heifer's combination of femininity, power and genetics will allow you to compete with the best.  Halter broke and easy to handle, Sheila has the right attitude for any size operation; put her to work in your herd. 

Lot 15: SLC Cinder's Comet - $1,100

Reg: Pending   Color: White  DOB:  7/8/15

Sire:Schön Boden's Yuma (D)      Dam: SLC Cinder

This white heifer comes from a long line of great Schön Boden genetics on its Sire's side.  She also features some outcross genetics on her Dam's side of the family.  Put her to work this year in your herd.  Comet was exposed to a bull and will be confirmed pregnant before the sale.

Lot 43: Five (5) Semen Straws Osceola Midas Touch (38583)  - $300

Reg: 38583  Color: Red  DOB: 4/11/2002
Sire: Quiet Meadow Lightning (D)   Dam: Quiet Meadow Gorgeous

​An outstanding bull who is a rare find in the Highland breed.  This powerful bull was a staple at Aryshire Farm on the East Coast to produce grassfed beef.  There are very few opportunities left to own this unique genetics.                                                                       

Lot 20: Windemere Envy (AI) (D) - $4,200

Reg: 55648                            Color: Silver  DOB: 5/12/2016 

Sire: EZ Acres Kyle (D)          Dam:  Cobblestone Zaria

This stunning heifer is the total package – structure, temperament and color. Her
sire, EZ Acres Kyle, was noted to produce some of the largest ribeye areas of bulls
in Thorbardin’s breeding program with low backfat and good marbling and
females with tight udders and small teats. Her dam, Cobblestones Zaria,
consistently produces outstanding heifers. All 3 of her sisters have stood at the top of their classes during their show careers and the older ones have gone on to be productive brood cows. Envy combines the traits you’d expect given her pedigree with the temperament you want in a brood cow. She’s one you can walk up to in the pasture and put a halter on. She’s been trailered and shown - nothing phases her. It’s not every day you find a silver heifer with all this going for her.

Lot 4: Argyll's Nora - $1,700

Reg: Can be registered  Color: Dun  DOB:  Spring 2014

Sire:  (D)   Dam:

Argyll's Nora's Heifer
Reg: Can be registered   Color: Dun  DOB:  3/28/17
Sire: CBS Edgar (D)  Dam: Argyll's Nora

These females come from a 100% grassfed operation.  These two matching dun females will make a great starter herd.  Nora is very correct and shows great Highland character.  Her heifer calf is sired by CBS Edgar, who showcases an outstanding background.  Jumpstart your herd with these two great females.

Lot 10: GCF Danny - $2,550

Reg: 56052   Color: Dun  DOB: 4/15/2015

Sire: LEA Detroit (D)         Dam: LEA Eirwyn

Bookended by LEA genetics on both side, this 2 year-old heifer comes bred to CBS Jamison (Reg:53213).  She is ultrasound confirmed pregnant to CBS Jamison (April - June).  This heifer is sure to be a great cow.

Lot 28: Schön Boden’s Forest (D) - $3,100

Reg: 55626    Color: Red  DOB: 5/21/2015

Sire: El Czar del Azur (D)    Dam: Schön Boden's Xena*

The son of an ACHA Impact Dam, Forest is one of the last remaining sons of Czar, a gentle red bull who produced progeny for the show ring and pasture.  At 224 days of age Forest was weaned off of pasture and Mom and weighed 550 lbs..  Forest had a yearling weight of 824 lbs. and on April 6, 2017 he weighed 1345 lbs.  Schön Boden are one of the most trusted, and longest, active Highland Breeders left in the USA.  Bolstered with genetics from well-known farms like Trafalgar, LEA, EZ, Summit Ranch, and more, Forest is sure to make a long-term impact on your fold for years to come.  Forest comes fully, halter trained with a calm disposition. 

Lot 27: Gray Owl's Rollo (D) - $1,200

Reg: 55600    Color: Black  DOB: 5/05/2015

Sire: Gray Owl's Bearach (D)   Dam: Gray Owls Princes

Rollo is a beautiful, hard-to-find, quality black Highland bull ready to add some color to your fold.  The son of Gray Owl's Champion Bull, Gray Owl's Bearach ("Bear"), Rollo promises to bring the same quality genetics for fast growth.  With an average Gray' Owl's birthweight of 73 lbs., Rollo's yearling weight was 828 pounds at 390 days.  Rollo weighed 1390 lbs. on June 1, 2017. Halter-trained, and even led by children, Rollo is sure to please you with his calm demeanor.   Rollo offers a chance to own some hard to find genetics, early in his pedigree including JAR and Glen Haven, in addition to high-quality folds like Schön Boden, Dundonald and Trafalgar. 

Lot 41: Two (2) Four's Emma (34742) X Sunset Limited Edition (42794) Embryos  - $1,100

Two Grade 2 Embryos. Available for pickup at Cobblestone Farms or shipped at buyer’s expense within 30 days of sale.

Sired by one of the best bulls to come out of Canada, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own some top genetics.  Four's Emma was the dam of Black Watch Demsey (pictured at right), Black Watch Elvis, Black Watch Emmet, Black Watch Portia and several other successfully shown cattle.                            

Lot 25: FTA Stonewall Jackson (D)- $2,500

Reg: 50369   Color: Brindle  DOB: 8/17/2011

Sire: CID's Claymore (D)   Dam: U Rock Norabelle

This long-bodied, well muscled bull will add length and depth to your Highland herd.  FTA Stonewell Jackson is a proven breeder with several years of breeding under his belt and more than 25 calves registered as his progeny.   In addition, Jackson comes with a gentle temperament and easy to handle.  Filled with Scottish and American genetics, this bull is sure to please.


Lot 19: HSC Stella's Anabelle - $2,000

Reg:     Color: Black  DOB:  4/10/16

Sire: LEA Denovan Adam (D)     Dam: Summit Ranch Stella

This stylish black heifer is a show stopper.  Anabelle represents some of the top names in the Highland breed, starting with her Dam, Summit Ranch Stella, who's sire is the great Canadian bull Du Boise Leqoc.  Her dam is the legendary Diana of Kiyiwana, one of the best Highland females to ever exist.  Anabelle's sire, LEA Denovan Adam brags of Osceola Magnolia, another outstanding female and DH Montgomery from the great Drover Hill genetics. 

Lot 5: Schön Boden’s Cali - $2,700

Reg: 52802   Color: Red  DOB:  4/8/13

Sire: El Czar del Azur (D)    Dam: Schön Boden Caramel

Cali is confirmed pregnant to We Tired Darrel (49281) and will calve in September 2017.  Another outstanding female from Schön Boden, this cow also has genetics from Trafalgar, LEA, EZ, Summit Ranch, Balmoral, Dunvegan and more.

Lot 8: Skye High Diamond Dove - $3,250

Reg: 54789   Color: Red  DOB: 2/03/2015

Sire: RTH VanNorman (D)         Dam: SPH Sassy

Skye High Farms is proud to offer a quality to the core bred heifer from one of the very best cow lines on the farm. Diamond Dove's maternal lineage have proven to be perfect-uddered, big-ribbed and fleshy-producers of consistently superior calves. The kind of cows who raise outstanding, high-preforming calves, while maintaining their own luxurious body condition throughout lactation and weaning. A cow line that stands the test of time, whom this heifer is no question an outstanding representative of. For show or beef, we are confident that this heifer will soon prove herself to be among the top cows of any herd. She sells pasture exposed and guaranteed bred to the NWSS Get of  Sire Grand Champion Skye High Cornerstone. See the full Diamond Dove photo album at www.skyehighfarms.com.​

Lot 22: WL Quinoa (AI) (D) $1,900

Reg: 56476                             Color: Black     DOB: 9/2/2016 

Sire: EZ Acres Kyle (D)                   Dam:  Windemere Barley

A stout little heifer calf that is broke to lead, she will make a perfect show project for a beginning breeder, or youth.  At only six months old, Quinoa brings with her a lifetime of possibilities and will make an exceptional brood cow.  Her Sire is the influential EZ Acres Kyle, noted for his exceptionally large ribeye and excellent dams.  Her Dam's family is filled with recognizable cow families like Drover Hill, Owl Rock, Five Star and more.  Calm, approachable in the pasture and full of powerful genetics, this heifer is sure to succeed in any operation.

Lot 21: Snowland Verna - $2,200

Reg: 55812      Color: Red  DOB: 5/23/2016

Sire: Trafalgar Xander (D)         Dam: Snowland Andrea

This red, structurally-correct heifer comes from a productive lineage with two AHCA Impact Grand Dams on her Dam's side.   Her sire, Trafalgar Xander is the sire of the 2015 Roll of Excellence Bull of the Year, Trafalgar Blaine.  This heifer is broke and would make a great show prospect or productive cow in your herd.  


Lot 23: Argylle's Sweat Pea - $1,000

Reg: 56340                             Color: Black     DOB: 3/15/2015 

Sire: Heather's Brayden (D)                   Dam:  Cobblestone Jasmine

A beautiful black 2-year-old, Argylle's Sweat Pea is ready to meet your herd sire and start to put productivity to your herd.  From a 100% grassfed operation, this heifer knows how to convert grass into red meat and is sure to pass it on to her progeny.  This heifer is backed by top names in the Highland breeed, including LEA-White, Cobblestone, Osceola, Marsh Creek, We Tired and more.

Lot 13: FTA Feisty Phoebe - $2,100

Reg: Unregistered/Grade   Color: Brindle  DOB: 4/23/2015

Sire: FTA Stonewall Jackson (D)         Dam: FTA Feisty

Out of one of our best production cows, and our amazing homegrown bull, this girl has got it all. Her genetics promise longevity, fast growing, and vigorous calves. She is wide, deep, structurally correct and ready to go to work for you whether it be for ET, or in your crossbreeding program.  She comes pastured-exposed to the 2011 NWSS Grand Champion Bull, Skye High Wayward Son. 


Lot 30: Windemere Everest (D) - $2,000

Reg: 56312  Color: Yellow DOB: 9/7/2016

Sire: CBS Yaz's Yukon Jack (D)   Dam: Loch Straun Morangie Dhubh

Everest is a dark red calf sired by CBS Yaz’s Yukon Jack. Jack’s dam is a
fantastic cow by Ledyard’s Taliskar and his sire line reads like a who’s who of
Highland genetics – Jock of Glengorm, Sunset Limited Edition, Sunset Rebel Yell,
HSC Rebel’s Jack. Everest’s dam is an older cow who was imported from Canada
years ago. Her grand-sire is the legendary Gusgurlach of Windrush. Morangie
herself is moderate in stature with an excellent udder and plenty of milk to raise
fast growing calves.  His birth weight was 76 lb. and his adjusted weaning weight was 570 lb., the highest we’ve ever had in a fall born calf. To top it all off, he’s got a quiet, docile temperament and enjoys interacting with people.