LOT #1: CBS Empress 2y (AI,D) - $3,100
Reg: 50848                       Color: Dun  DOB: 1/29/2011
Sire: HI Oscar-A-96(D)    Dam: Cobblestone's Princess  
Bred Back for Spring 2019: TBD
CBS Heifer (Heifer Calf Paired with Cow)
Reg: Pending           Color: Red DOB:5/10/2018
Sire: Finley Falls Liam (D)  
BOGO!! Cobblestone is offering one of their favorites. This one has been as easy as they come, easy calver, maternal traits are tremendous, she’s an easy keeper, and to top it all off she gives unselfishly to her calf every year and weans her calf to be in the top 5 in this highland herd year after year. She is a consistent calver within two weeks each time, and this is her first heifer calf! This brood cow does it all. She’s got the power and performance to run with any cow in your herd. The best part is, she also comes with this sweet little chick on the side. Breed her back to any bull of your choice and let this one do the work for you. ​​​

LOT #2: Double LL Collette (AI,D) - $8,000
Reg: 53989                       Color: Red  DOB: 8/1/2014
Sire: Trafalgar Xerxes (D)    Dam: HSC Stella’s Pride (ET,D)   
Bred Back for Spring 2019: Twinflower Joseph (D)
Double LL Giselle (Heifer Calf Paired with Cow)
Reg: TBD             Color: TBD DOB:1/29/2018
Sire: Twinflower Joseph (D)   
Double LL Collette is a large framed, long, structurally correct female.  On the dam’s side she has Landelley’s Cody and Diana of Kiyiwana.  On the sire’s side she traces back to E-Z Acres Gifford and some great Trafalgar pedigrees.  The female calf at her side is sired by Twinflower Joseph, the last sire from Twinflower Farm.  Joseph’s pedigree includes Sunset Limited Edition and Osceola Rhambeaux.  This combination will make a great starter herd animal or a powerful addition to your herd.

LOT #3:  HRH Ginger - $2,250
Reg: 54140 Color: Dun  DOB:  04/02/14
Sire: EVH Ben J. R. (D)   Dam: Manda Magaidh
Calf TBD
Reg: TBD             Color: TBD DOB:TBD
Sire: FTA MacTavish (D)
This cow is due to calve before the June 23, 2018 sale.  Once she calves, we will update the color and sex of the calf, which could be registered by the new buyer.  She is an outstanding brood cow with some outcross genetics to differentiate your breeding program.  FTA MacTavish also sells at the sale, so you can see this great looking bull in person to see the quality genetics offered in the calf's Sire.

LOT #4: Double LL Dellaney (AI,D) - $3,300
Reg: 54511                       Color: Yellow DOB: 3/20/2015
Sire: Trafalgar Xerxes (D)    Dam: Trafalgar Ali
Double LL Galla (Heifer Calf Paired with Cow)
Reg: TBD                           Color: TBD DOB:3/2/2018
Sire: EZ Acres Kyle (D)   
Looking for a great cow/calf combination, this is it!  Outstanding Trafalgar breeding on both the dam’s and sire’s side. Dellaney’s sire was the 2012 ROE bull of the year, Trafalgar Xerxes.  Also, this deep pedigree includes EZ Acres Gifford and the dam’s pedigree includes Sunset Limited Edition.  This cow was handpicked to be AI sired by one of the Highland Cattle Foundation’s best bull offerings – EZ Acres Kyle.  What a fantastic opportunity to purchase some of the best eastern breeding.  

LOT #5: Hideaway Farm Unregistered Cow/Calf Pair - $1,250
Reg: None                    Color: Red  DOB: 5 years old
Sire: N/A Dam: N/A
Bull Calf (Calf Paired with Cow)
Reg: Non-registered                       Color: Black   DOB:May 2018       Sire: Skye High Capone
Raven is a sweet and somewhat shy unregistered red cow who is very easy to keep and on Impact Dam tracking.  The bull calf by her side is her third calf, all of which she has birthed easily, delivering hardy active calves to this wonderful mother.  This cute chocolate brown/black bull is sired by Sky High Capone (AHCA # 53742) who was the NWSS 2015 Reserve Grand Champion yearling bull.    

LOT #6: LSR Noel - $2,250
Reg: 46725                    Color: White  DOB: 12/25/2007
Sire: LSR Kincaids' Connor (D)   Dam: LSR Queen of the Meadow
 LSR Noel is a mature cow who births easily and displays superb nursing and mothering instincts.  This beautiful white cow features great genetics from Laughing Sun Ranch, bolstered by Sunset and Stonecliffe breeding.  She also contains two historic names in the breed in her background, including Gusgurlach of Windrush and Cedrus of Swains.  Noel is halter broke, likes the brush, being hand fed range cubes. 
Sells with Silver Bull Calf at side
Reg: Registrable                     Color: Silver   DOB: June 5, 2018  Sire: Skye High Capone

Bred Females

LOT #7: We Tired Trish - $5,100
Reg: 51353         Color: Red DOB: 4/2/2012
Sire: Schon Boden’s Tyson (D)    Dam: We Tired Amy
Bred Back for August 2018: BRF Barra (D)
We Tired Trish is a six year old halter broke show cow that has proven herself in the show ring and in the breeding pasture.  She has raised three calves and has shown since she was a yearling.  She was Reserve Champion Cow/Calf at the NCHCA show last year and  her two daughters also showed in Produce of Dam and Placed 3rd in a large class.  Trish is bred to BRF Barra for another calf in August of 2018.  Great show cow and excellent mother for your consideration.  Great cow with a calf due in August.

Buyer Picks Lot 8 or 9*** - Scratch
LOT #8: STR Iluminada
Reg: 52582         Color: Red DOB: 4/10/2012
Sire: Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley (D)    Dam: MBL Matima
Bred Back to Orison of Culfoich (D) 
STR Iluminada was the 2014 Heifer of the Year.  Symbiosis Ranch will be offering one pick of two bred highlands. The 2014 Role of Excellence Heifer of the Year "Iluminada" with several grands and reserves throughout her career.  She still has tons of great dimension with a lot of appeal and a beautiful udder. Bred back to Orison, the sire of O'tula, the 2018 NWSS Junior Heifer Champion.  O'tula will be offered next to Iluminada as one pick of the two. 

LOT #9: Symbiosis Lady O'tula*** - Scratch
Reg: 56484       Color: Red DOB: 2/14/2016
Sire: Orison of Culfoich (D)    Dam: Yarnelle Farms Betula
Bred on May 28, 2018 to Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley
Symbiosis Lady O'tula was the 2018 National Junior Champion Heifer.  Symbiosis Ranch will be offering one pick of two bred highlands. This flashy heifer has had an exemplary show career with a junior exhibitor in the open class competitions.  O'tula's dam is the two time Denver Champion Yarnelle Farms Betula.  Iluminada will be offered next to O'tula as one pick of the two.   

***Lot 8 and Lot 9 will sell as buyer's choice.  Buyer is only buying Lot 8 or Lot 9.  

LOT #10: We Tired Hope - $3,000
Reg: 52518         Color: Red DOB: 3/21/2013
Sire: Northern Oaks Fabian (D)    Dam: We Tired Janelle
Bred Back for August 2018: BRF Barra (D)
We Tired Hope is a red five year old purebred registered Highland cow.  She is bred to BRF Barra for an August 2018 calf.  She is out of the same cow as the 2014 Reserve National Champion Female “We Tired Brook”.  We Tired Hope calves easily and has raised two healthy calves and is an excellent mother.  She is from a long line of longevity.  Her Grand Dam had Hope’s Dam when she was 20.  Her pedigree has three impact Dams.  Hope is a great producing cow with a long life ahead of her.  The new buyer can look forward to a calf in two months.

LOT # 11:  HRH Emily - $2,500
Reg: 54987 Color: Red DOB:  09/11/15
Sire: EVH Ben J. R. (D)   Dam: Sandhill Sparkle
Bred for Sept/Oct 2018: FTA MacTavish (D)
Emily is a structurally-correct, future brood cow.  She represents historical farms like Pimushe and VAS Weatherhill, combined with some out-cross genetics, making this first-calf heifer a great choice for a starter herd or experience Highland breeder.    She will be pregnancy checked before sale.

LOT #12: Dundonald’s Ariel - No Sale
Reg: 55585         Color: Black  DOB:1/4/2016
Sire: Dundonald’s Chance (D)    Dam: Aife of MCL Farm
Bred for Nov 2018: Defiance of Dundonald (D)
Add more black in your herd with this stylish heifer.  She is loaded with feminine qualities. Ariel is confirmed pregnant and is due to calve in November.  Her genetic background includes, Schon Boden, Weatherhill, Dunvegan, Keijoasan and much more.  This two for one combo will make a great addition to any herd.

LOT #13: Dundonald’s Belva - No Sale
Reg: 55586         Color: Red  DOB:3/8/2016
Sire: Basswood4 of Dundonald (D)    Dam: Belva 4th of Dundonald
Bred for Sept 2018: DH Discovery (D)
Belva is a heavy bred heifer, due to calve in September to a Silver Bull, DH Discovery, from the legendary Drover Hill Farm in New York.  She is wide, long and walks straight on her well-built frame.  Her genetics include a large dose of Dundonald cattle through more than three generations on this bred heifer.   Belva would make an outstanding choice for a long-term cow addition.

LOT #14: FTA Nansaidh MacKenzie - $3,700
Reg: 55661         Color: Red DOB:3/24/2016
Sire: FTA Stonewall Jackson (D)    Dam: Nansaidh of Blackwatch
This beautiful two-year-old long-bodied, wide heifer was pasture exposed to DH Premier in April 2018, and should calve approximately mid-January 2019.   This heifer is quiet, friendly and loves a good combing.  Her genetics go back to the infamous Scott of Craycombe on her dam’s side and to LEA and Schon Boden breeding on her sire’s side.  This girl is set up to produce excellent quality production animals that can hold their own in a show ring as well, making her an amazing new addition to any highland herd.

LOT #15: We Tired Nicole - $4,800
Reg: 56074         Color: Red DOB: 3/27/2016
Sire: BRF Barra (D)    Dam: We Tired Trish
Bred for Jan/Feb 2019: Finley Falls Duncan (D)
We Tired Nicole is a two year old that is bred to the 2018 National Champion Bull “Finley Falls Duncan” for a 2019 calf.  She is halter broke and has been shown successfully by a junior.  Nicole’s sire is BRF Barra, by Landelley’s Cody and out of a daughter of KJHRoxann one of Cobbleston’s great producers going back to Trafalagar Watchful. Nicole has a dynamite pedigree and don’t miss the Finely Falls Duncan calf.  A rare offering of a 2 N 1 package.


LOT #16: Deidre D'Purdy of U Rock - $1,100
Reg: Pending                      Color: Red  DOB:12/21/2015
Sire: Stetson Ruadh of U Rock (D)    Dam: Viera D'Purdy of U Rock
Deidre is out of our D'Purdy lines from the prestigious Keiojasan herd from Canada.  She expresses femininity throughout and is clean fronted with an extremely long body and wide base.  She will mature to be a large frame cow.  We expect her to echo her mother with a tight udder and correct teat size and position.  She is fairly laid back and is willing to please like her ancestors before her.

LOT #17: LEA Moonstruck - $5,000
Reg: 55534                       Color: Dun  DOB:4/6/2016
Sire: Sunset Rebel Yell (D)    Dam: LEA Halle
Moonstruck is 100% LEA-White genetics on the Dam's side. And, she is one of the last daughters from Sunset Rebel Yell. Not to mention she is calm, halter broke and has a very gentle disposition.  This outstanding heifer is structurally correct and exudes Highland characteristics.  She will make an outstanding foundation cow for any size herd.  This is a truly rare opportunity to own a special heifer.

LOT #18:  CGH Princess Bonnie 17 - $1,600
Reg: 56511 Color: Red  DOB:  10/17/16
Sire: We Tired Darrel (D)   Dam: CGH Erin’s Melody
A pick of the litter, Bonnie is a favorite at Creachann Gleann Highlands.  She is halter broke and ready to be led to your pasture.  She will ready to breed this Fall.  This heifer represents great herds like We Tired Acres, LEA-White, Prairie Grass Hill and more.

LOT #19:  LSK Sassy - $1,600
Reg: 56605  Color: Red  DOB:  10/20/16
Sire: Spring Flight Alpha Taurus (D)   Dam: LSK Onyx
LSK Sassy is a frosty red, large framed, structurally correct female.  She is extremely well mannered. She has an excellent pedigree and would make a positive addition to any one’s herd.

LOT #20: SM Delilah Bleu - $2,500
Reg: 56879                       Color: Red  DOB:2/23/2017
Sire: Trafalgar Sampson II (D)    Dam: Who’s Hill Connie II (AI,D)
Delilah Bleu is a long-legged, gentle heifer that is sure to be a great milk producer like her Dam.  This beautiful heifer has outstanding history packed into both sides of her pedigree.  Trafalgar and Who’s Hill Farm have filled the Highland breed with exceptional cattle.  This heifer is a testament to that breeding.

LOT #21: SHP Sedona (AI,D) - $1,250
Reg: 56271                     Color: Red  DOB:3/3/2017
Sire: Shat Acres Raisin Cain (D)    Dam: Sandhill Sundara (AI,D)
This yearling heifer is the third generation of AI genetics. Starshire’s OJ, Schon Boden’s Chance are sires on the dam side and her sire is Shat Acres Raisin Cain.  She has demonstrated solid structure and great performance in combination with a sweet disposition. This open heifer will be good and ready for breeding at 2 years of age if not before as she will be well over 800 lbs by the time of the sale. Sandhill Pines Farm has been using a statistical analysis program to more accurately rate pasture performance of cows, calves and sires for 7 years with great success that comes through in this heifer. 

LOT #22: SM Harlow Greer - $2,300
Reg: 56880                       Color: Red  DOB:3/3/2017
Sire: Trafalgar Sampson II (D)    Dam: Autumn Mist Whisper (AI,D)
Harlow Greer is one of the only Fingal of Auchnacraig granddaughter hitting the show ring in 2018.  She is feminine throughout her head and neck and will continue to develop the depth and capacity of her Dam, Autumn Mist Whisper.  Her Sire, Trafalgar Sampson II, was not shy in the show ring and has passed those great genetics and showring ability to Harlow.

LOT #23: FTA Vineyard Merlot - $3,100
Reg: 56737                       Color: Red  DOB:3/12/2017
Sire: Skye High Wayward Son (D)    Dam: FTA Martha Vineyard
This pretty, dark-red young lady is the first calf out of one of our very best young cows.  She is wide hipped, deep, and long bodied with a sweet and gentle disposition, just like both her parents.  Her dam FTA Martha’s Vineyard, stood for us as Reserve Grand Highland Champion female at World Beef Expo in 2015, and her sire is the 2011 NWSS Grand Champion Highland Bull Skye High Wayward Son.  

LOT #24:MEP Gloriana's Delight - $1,000
Reg: 57474                     Color: Yellow  DOB:3/16/2017
Sire: CBS Rocky (D)    Dam: FTA Iona's Gloriana
This delightful heifer is a keeper.  She is out of an impact Dam, showcasing the longevity of this female.  Her sire is CBS Rocky, who is out of Santiago’s Socha, a bull who has produced some really nice females in the show ring.  This young female also boasts LEA Denovan Adam and other notable breeding in the background.  Halter broke and ready to join your fold, take this one home today.

LOT #25: Last Chance Felicity $1,000
Reg: 57444                       Color: Red  DOB:4/12/2017
Sire: Schon Boden’s Edward (D)    Dam: Skye of Flatland Farm
Last Chance Felicity is a fancy heifer the screams female.  She will make an outstanding brood cow in your herd.  Packed with top quality genetics from farms like Flatland Farm and Schon Boded, this heifer is sure to pass on her excellent genetics to the next generation.  Felicity is halter broke and ready to lead around your pasture.  Don't miss this opportunity to take home this dandy heifer.

LOT #26: SM Red Velvet- $2,400
Reg: 56882                       Color: Red  DOB:4/17/2017
Sire: Spring Mtn. Scout (D)    Dam: Who’s Hill Elizabeth (AI,D)
Red Velvet is the heifer being offered from our home bred sire, Spring Mtn. Scout.  Bringing names like Jock of Glengorm, Sunset Majestic Madeline and Ledyard’s Nicholas into this heifer pedigree.  She is a fancy type heifer with rich mahogany color and is developing a dubh, passed on by her Dam’s side, Who’s Hill.

LOT #27: SFF Diva’s Lullaby - $1,700
Reg: 57401                       Color: Black  DOB:4/24/2017
Sire: Flatheads Lal (D)    Dam: Spring Flight Diva
Here's a heifer that will add style and quality genetics to your herd.  Not to mention she is black for all those looking for a quality black Highland.  She comes from Eastern USA genetics with over 30 years of breeding on the Dam's side.  She also boasts Flathead genetics, a Montana grass fed beef operation.  Take this heifer home and put her to work today.

LOT #28: Last Chance Fay Leona - $1,400
Reg: 57439                       Color: Red  DOB:4/28/2017
Sire: Schon Boden’s Edward (D)    Dam: Sweet Acres Ellie
Here's a showy heifer!  Not only is she halter broke, but she is ready for the show ring or front yard.  Backed by outstanding genetics, this heifer is sure to please.  She is going to be an outstanding female for you grass fed beef operation.  She is deep, long and full of power.  Yet, she maintains her refined female features, making her a very well put together female.

LOT #29: Schon Boden’s Lani - $1,700
Reg: 56720                       Color: Red  DOB:5/4/2017
Sire: Argyll’s Jaco (D)    Dam: Schon Boden’s Lydia
Lani is an all-a-round, well built Highland with 35 plus years of breeding behind her.  Lani's Sire is Argyll's Jaco, who is a descendant of HSC Rebel Jack and Sunset Rebel Yell. Longevity and production is evident in her bloodline. Her Grandmother and Great Grandmother produced 15 calves. Her Great Grandmother TY Lady Charity was the foundation cow of Schon Boden Farms, producing many champions.  Look no further for quality, sound genetics from a farm trusted in the Highland business for almost 40 years.

LOT #30: MEP Cinnamons HappyGirl - $3,400
Reg: 57475                      Color: Black  DOB:5/11/2017
Sire: CBS Rocky (D)    Dam: FTA Ferns Cinnamon Toast
One of only a few black animals on this sale, this heifer is another decedent of CBS, LEA, FTA, Ledyard and other notable farms.  Her great-grandfather is Santiago’s Socha, a bull that has produced some really nice females.  This heifer is calm and is an easy keeper.  Per her to work on the bull of your choice next year.

LOT #31: Snowland Jenny - $2,500
Reg: 57325                       Color: Red  DOB:5/15/2017
Sire: Trafalgar Xander (D)    Dam: Snowland Sassy Lisa
This light red intermediate yearling heifer is the 7th straight calf of her productive Dam, Snowland Sassy Lisa.  Her Sire, Trafalgar Xander is the sire of the 2015 Roll of Excellence Bull of the Year, Trafalgar Blaine.  Jenny has a pedigree of productive and show winners.  She is halter broke.

LOT #32: Febe Ruadh of U Rock - $1,100
Reg: Pending                       Color: Red  DOB:5/17/2017
Sire: Stetson Ruadh of U Rock (AI, D)    Dam: Vaneta Ruadh of U Rock
Febe is a promising, dark red heifer with excellent confirmation and a mild disposition.  She is very feminine and his showing excellent width through or hips, paired with excellent length.  Her pedigree contains Canadian lineage that will enhance your herd's genetics.  She should be a great addition to any herd.

LOT #33: Snowland Mandy - $3,100
Reg: 57326                       Color: Red  DOB:5/23/2017
Sire: Trafalgar Xander (D)    Dam: Shat Acres Vanessa
This red intermediate yearling heifer is the 5th straight calf of her dam Shat Acres Vanessa 10 who has produced show winners, including Snowland First Lady.  Her Sire, Trafalgar Xander is the sire of the 2015 Roll of Excellence Bull of the Year, Trafalgar Blaine.  Mandy has future options of show heifer and productive brood cow.  She is halter broke.

LOT #34: CSF Kylie (AI,D) - $4,400
Reg: 57531                       Color: Brindle  DOB:6/25/2017
Sire: GOF Lapland (D)    Dam: Gray Owl’s Kiera
CSF Kylie is a long, deep, feminine heifer with a friendly disposition. Her sire is GOF Lapland, who, according to the AHCA description in the National Sale catalog, was a large framed bull with great carcass qualities whose sire and dam were imported directly from Scotland in the 1970’s, and whose pedigree traces back to many of the renowned folds in Scotland, including Achnacloich, Leys, Scone Palace, Strathallan, and Douneside. On the dam side, Kylie is the third calf out of a striking 2012 cow descendant from the notables, Trafalgar Nathan, DH Katherine, and Bakers Cube Mtn. Edward. For more information visit: www.climbingstumpfarm.com.

LOT #35: CSF Crystal (AI,D) - $3,700
Reg: 57532                       Color: Yellow  DOB:6/28/2017
Sire: Skye High Cornerstone (D)    Dam: Gray Owl’s Charlette
Crystal is the third calf out of a 2012 square, well balanced cow with an excellent udder.  Crystal is also nicely proportioned with a wide base, broad back and straight legs. Her dam descends on the sire side from Trafalgar Nathan through Gray Owl’s Mr. Chips, the sire of Gray Owl’s Bearach, and on the maternal side from Schon Boden and JAR breeding. Crystal’s sire is the outstanding young sire, Skye High Cornerstone, who’s progeny have done exceptionally well in both the show and sale ring. For more information visit www.climbingstumpfarm.com.

LOT #36: CSF Corinna (AI,D) - $2,000
Reg: 57533                       Color:  Red  DOB:7/4/2017
Sire: GOF Ralph (D)    Dam: Gray Owl’s Claire
CSF Corinna is a broad, structurally correct, attractive heifer with a calm disposition. She is a full sister to CSF Rutherford, the Champion Intermediate Yearling bull at the 2018 NWSS in Denver. Corinna’s sire is the influential bull, GOF Ralph used by LEA-White Farms for many years and noted for producing exceptional daughters. Her dam is a heavily muscled, heavy milking cow, from Gray Owl, Schon Boden and JAR breeding. For more information visit www.climbingstumpfarm.com.

LOT #37:  CGH Charity 17 - $1,900
Reg: 57539   Color: Brindle  DOB:  10/14/17
Sire: Schon Boden’s Omar (D)   Dam: CGH Moire
Here’s a dandy Fall 2017 calf.  She is going to be a great brood cow in a few years.  She is halter broke and ready to be lead and brushed.  Charity is a pretty brindle calf the boasts genetics from Schon Boden, Trafalgar, and much more.

LOT #38:  CGH Minnie Da Moocher - $2,000
Reg: Pending   Color: Red  DOB:  10/15/17
Sire: Schon Boden’s Omar (D)   Dam: CID’s Betsy
This calf is only Minnie in name, but giant in personality.  Lead her into your life and straight to your heart.  She is also a great grand daughter of great Sires like Hannegan Joe, Trafalgar Luther and Buckwheat of Gurholdt.  Take he home and make her the foundation of your future herd.

LOT #39: Windemere Finesse (AI,D) - $6,900
Reg: 57527                       Color:  Red  DOB:12/12/2017
Sire: Gray Owl’s Bearach (D)    Dam: CBS Yaz’s Yukon Jill
Look no further for your child’s first show heifer!  Finesse is a December calf ready to meet a youngster who wants to get started with cattle and show this fall.  She is a pretty red heifer calf with a curious and quiet personality.  Finesse is backed by a pedigree with several generations of animals that had exceptional temperaments and successful show careers. Finesse and her mama are spending the winter out with the cow herd where she’s learning important lessons about how to be part of a herd and how to get along with animals of all ages.  She will be fully weaned, vaccinated and comfortable on a halter by sale day.  Take her home, bond with her all summer, and kickoff your show career in the fall. Finesse will grow up to be a productive cow and will be at home in the pasture, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes a relationship with your cattle.  Give her a few treats and you’ll have a friend for life.  Visit www.windemerehighlands.com for updates and pictures


LOT #40:  FTA MacTavish (D) - $1,900
Reg: 52,528 Color: Brindle DOB:  03/06/13
Sire: LSR Kinkaid’s Connor (D)   Dam: FTA Norabelle Cornelia
FTA MacTavish is a Scottish-type bull that is stout and broad.  His grandfather was the infamous Gusgurlach of Windrush.  He also boasts other greats farms like Laughing Sun Ranch, LEA-White, Sunset, Four T Acres and more.  He is a proven bull who covered every cow in the herd, three years in a row.

LOT #41: CBS Jameson (D) - $4,000
Reg: 53213                       Color: Dun  DOB: 2/15/2014
Sire: Thorbardin’s Gandolf (D)    Dam: CBS Jade
CBS Jameson is a long, deep-bodied bull, whose calves have performed at both the meat rail and the heifer replacement market.  He is a gentle well-mannered bull, making him an easy keeper for small and large farms.  Jameson also brings a long history of outstanding genetics on both sides.  Cobblestone Farm (CBS) has been breeding quality meat production and show ring animals for more than 20 years.  Thorbardin brings an outcross of western ranch genetics, which helps make his calves healthy and hardy.

 LOT #42: Windemere Duke (AI, D) - $5,000
Reg: 54409                       Color: Yellow  DOB: 3/16/2015
Sire: Trafalgar Sampson II (D)    Dam: Windemere Alibi
We knew Duke was special from the start and he has certainly not disappointed.  He was the first calf out of a heifer who claimed Grand Champion Female honors numerous times with her junior exhibitor and several times as a cow/calf with Duke at her side. His sire was a powerhouse from Trafalgar Square Farm.  Duke combines the best of both parents!  He’s light on hair regardless of season, but that just makes it easier to evaluate his incredible muscling and correct structure.  Duke has the temperament you want in a bull.  His 2 years in the show ring exposed him to a variety of situations and nothing phases him.  He’s quiet and respectful of people, cattle and fences.  Duke loves a good combing, and you can put a halter on him in the pasture and lead him anywhere.  Duke’s first calf will be part of our 2018 show string and several more are due this spring. Watch www.windemerehighlands.com for calf pictures as they arrive. 
Duke had a birth weight of 79 lb, an adjusted weaning weight of 589 lb, and adjusted yearling weight of 854 lb.  At 674 days of age he had a weight of 1316 lb, scrotal circumference of 36 cm and ultrasound data showing REA 17.4, Backfat 0.18 and %IMF 3.31. 

LOT #43: FTA Kansas (D) - $3,000
Reg: 56338                       Color: Dun  DOB: 3/16/2016
Sire: Skye High Wayward Son (D)    Dam: FTA Victoria’s Secret
This gorgeous dun guy has impressed us with his looks since the day he was born.   He weaned on a 252 day weight of 494 lbs. and with his genetics going back to Eagle Creek, Scott of Craycombe on his dam’s side.  His average daily gain was 2 lbs. per day, showcasing his quality genetics and fast-growing traits.  On the Sire side, his father was the 2011 National Western Stock Show Grand Champion Bull.  His breeding soundness exam is excellent.  

LOT #44: HSC Summit Force (D) - $2,500
Reg: Pending                       Color: Red  DOB: 5/5/2016
Sire: Black Watch Emmett (D)    Dam: HSC Scarlet
Here is a bull that’s ready to work, get this one home and throw him with the ladies. This one puts all the right pieces together. He is jet necked, smooth shoulders and level in every area. He is super powerful over his top and carries it into his hip and lower quarter. One of his best features is that this bull is athletic in his movements and structurally correct, we see a lot of longevity to this guy. He won’t just make cool looking babies but one that’s going to add pounds in their carcass. Full Sib to your NWSS Reserve Grand Champion Bull 2013! This bulls pedigree couldn’t be any more intriguing  either: Black Watch, Summit Ranch, Drover Hill, Rocking X5,and Landelley’s! He is one that is overall very complete and extremely useful. Get this one on your trailer, today!

LOT #45: Schön Boden’s Levi (D) - $4,000
Reg: 57320                       Color: Red  DOB: 5/6/2016
Sire: Argyll’s Jaco (D)    Dam: Schön Boden's Lydia*
Schon Boden's Levi turned two on May 6. His current weight is 1295 lbs. He is a long bodied bull, well muscled, straight back and good feet. Longevity and production is evident in his bloodline. Both his Grandmother and Great Grandmother produced 15 calves. His Great Grandmother TY Lady Charity was the foundation cow of Schon Boden Farms, producing many champions. Levi's sire is Argyll's Jaco out of HSC Rebel Jack. Levi has five Impact Sires and one Impact dam in his immediate background.


LOT #46: Gaisgeach of HideAway Farm - $1,500
Reg: Pending               Color: Brindle   DOB: 11/29/16
Sire: Finley Falls Liam   Dam: TBD
Gaisgeach of HideAway Farm is an attractive young Bull with a great disposition, nice structure, impressive American, Canadian, and Scottish championship genetics and developing some brindle markings on his face.  His sire, Finley Falls Liam, (AHCA # 51571) is a big muscled, solid bull with a classic Highland block build with excellent temperament and similar blood line to Finley Falls Duncan, undefeated grand champion bull in 11 regional and two National Western Stock Shows. His dam, Aife 2nd of Dundonald, (AHCA # 50028) finished 2011 third in her heifer class on the AHCA Honor Roll and is a beautifully built, smart cow with a wonderful personality and impact dam.  Gaisgeach (Scots Gaelic for Warrior/Champion) is halter broke and likes the brush.  He would make an excellent addition to your herd bringing a well-diversified, high performance bloodline to your breeding program. 

LOT #47: HSC Ironhide - $2,500
Reg: 57719             Color: Brindle   DOB: 2/14/17
Sire: STR Optimus Prime   Dam: DH Caitlin II
This Scottie is a Hottie! He offers everything you can ask for in a smaller package. He is definitely one that continues to catch your eye but also has the best temperament you could hope for. He’s deep, soggy, massive, good footed, with a profile to go with it.  This Scottish style bull comes from lines of Star Lake, Windrush, Drover Hill, and Twinflower. His moderate frame isn’t a hindrance for this guy, he’s got the power to beef up any herd. This fault free beautiful brindle bull will be very useful in any breeding or show program. Co-Owned with Cobblestone Farm.

LOT #48: Francisco of U Rock (D) - No Sale
Reg: Pending                      Color: Red   DOB: 4/8/2017
Sire: Tungsten of U Rock (D)    Dam: U Rock Missy Xela Dubh
Francisco of U Rock is a deep red bull with excellent length and rugged, heavy-boned structure.  His pedigree includes Canadian bloodlines, in addition to well-known US herds like Shat Acres.  He is already showing signs of becoming a great bull by paying attention to females, while maintaining a calm demeanor.

LOT #49: Fabio Dubh of U Rock (D) - No Sale
Reg: Pending                      Color: Dun   DOB: 4/19/2017
Sire: Tungsten of U Rock (D)    Dam: Duchess Verdiana of U Rock
A large-boned, yearling bull who shows a lot of masculinity with great length.  Fabio is wide, but very correct with great muscling throughout.  He is starting to act interested in females in heat, but with a gentle nature.  He should make a great addition to your herd.

LOT #50: SFF Ruthless Legend (AI, D) - $2,000
Reg: 57388                       Color: Red  DOB: 4/24/2017
Sire: STR Ruthless Game (AI,D)    Dam: Spring Flight Empress
This is a legend in the making!  Ruthless Legend boasts great genetics with well-known names like Jock of Glengorn, Sunset Limited Edition as well as the Australian Grand Champion Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley. At a year-old, you can start to see his developing physique.  He is going to be a tremendous bull when he matures, bringing many years of quality calves to someone’s lucky fold.

LOT #51: SHP Scotch Ale (AI, D) - $1,300
Reg: 56629                       Color: Red  DOB: 7/2/2017
Sire: HSC Rebel’s Jack (D)    Dam: Cobblestone’s Brittany
Scotch Ale will be just short of year old and will be over 800 lbs at the time of the sale. He combines the genetics of Cobblestone Farms, LEA-White Farms and Husker Show Cattle with national champions maternal grandsire MH Magnum Force and sire HSC Rebel’s Jack. This young bull demonstrates a lot of natural width and powerful stature. He has a very easy going temperament like his dam. He thoroughly loves to be brushed and getting hand-fed treats.  Sandhill Pines Farm has been using a statistical analysis program to more accurately rate pasture performance of cows, calves and sires for 7 years with great success.  Scotch Ale’s dam, Cobblestone’s Brittany and her offspring have always demonstrated great performance using this program and you will see that in this bull.                        

LOT #52: RTH Shahzad (D) Semen 2 Lots of 5 straws - $1,050 ($525/lot)
Reg: 42759                      Color: Red 
Sire: Rocking Keystone DH (AI) (D)    Dam: Silva’s Pebbles
This Rocking T Highland’s herd sire has been their favorite for years with semen finally on the market. This bull has numerous regional championships under his belt and his grand sire DH Excitement was the 1993 National Champion. These calves always work to the top of each calf crop having the most growth, power, performance, and look. He has produced numerous Grand Champion purebred steers, crossbred steers, prospect heifers, and sovereign heifers.

Buyer pays shipping and in charge of setting up delivery. Semen will be released within 7 days of the sale. Semen stored at Vogler Semen Centre, Inc. 27104 Church Road, Ashland, Nebraska 68003-4212.

LOT #53: Highland Cattle Foundation Embryo Fund Raiser - $650
Dirigo Forceful (ET, D) x Marigold of Tulach Ard (D) Embryos
Three Embryos from the Highland Cattle Foundation

A “cream of the crop” embryo package. Dirigo Forceful was used for a long time on one of the largest beef producing outfits in the Highland industry. Thorbardin Ranch was very critical and selective with their bulls. Forceful is a direct descendent of Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace, a famous Scottish bull.  The dam, Marigold was a yellow cow, who originated from the Pacific Northwest and was purchased by Thorbardin to add growthy grass fed animals.  Thorbardin was particularly selective when it came to new female genetics, so we know this cow was a keeper.   The HCF will pay for DNA parent verification prior to calf registration.

Lot includes three grade #1 or #2 embryos to be sold as a package; fair market value is $1200. Purchase price in excess of FMV is tax deductible as permitted by law. Buyer pays shipping and must take possession within 60 days of the purchase. Transaction between buyer and seller only; AHCA Rules & Regulations apply. Eligible for USA only. All proceeds to benefit the Highland Cattle Foundation.

Lot #54: Highland Cattle Foundation Embryo Fund Raiser - $800
Thorbardin’s Gandolf (D) x TCL Ashley (D) Embryos
Three Embryos from the Highland Cattle Foundation

The LAST three embryos from this mating that will sell. Gandolf came from one of the largest beef producing outfits in the Highland industry. Thorbardin Ranch was very critical and selective with their bulls. This sire remained in their breeding program for several years with calf crops known for growth rate and functionality. The dam, Ashley, originates from one of the oldest Highland herds in the country, Big Sky Highlands (AHCA Member #752) of Montana. They are known for raising quality Highlands.  Ashley is a proven dam and has a daughter who was an Elite Impact Dam, which would be a half sibling to these embryos.

Lot includes three grade #1 embryos to be sold as a package; fair market value is $1200. Purchase price in excess of FMV is tax deductible as permitted by law. Buyer pays shipping and must take possession within 60 days of the purchase. Transaction between buyer and seller only; AHCA Rules & Regulations apply. Eligible for USA only. All proceeds to benefit the Highland Cattle Foundation.

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